Teaching Tomorrow’s Leaders

Christ Our Holy Redeemer School embraces learning that is rigorous, rich and reflective. Learning experiences at our school are relevant, purposeful and engaging. We embrace the challenge of preparing our students for tomorrow’s world by building upon their understandings across the many and varied curriculum areas. We encourage all students to become responsible and independent learners.

At Christ Our Holy Redeemer we believe that cooperative and collaborative group work provides the best opportunities for discussion and interaction that promotes learning.

Students at our school are encouraged to become responsible and independent though the Student Leadership program.

ICT is incorporated into all aspects of the curriculum. All teaching areas of the school are resourced with Interactive TV’s and touchscreen PCs. Our junior classes are equipped with ipads and chromebooks and our middle/senior classes have chromebooks which enable 1-to-1 teaching.

RESOURCE CENTRE/LIBRARY sessions offer students opportunity to be exposed to many forms of literature as well as authors and illustrators. Library and ICT skills are taught in sequential, skills- based program. Students borrow weekly from the school library.

VISUAL ART is taught through many different media such as textiles, ceramics, collage, computer generated/digital, design, drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and various crafts.

PERFORMING ARTS sessions offer students opportunity for movement, expression, voice projection, collaboration and creativity. Performing Arts skills are taught in sequential, skills- based program.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION sessions enable students to develop and refine their skills in the areas of, ball handling, Athletics, Gymnastics, Dance, Fundamental Motor Skills and major games.

Interschool and Regional competition, Cross Country and Athletics Competitions as well as summer and winter sport competitions where sportsmanship and team work are fostered.

ITALIAN provides students with the opportunity to study and speak the Italian language. Students also study the differences between the Italian and Australian culture. (Traditions, festivals, etc.)