Parish Education Board

The Education Board has a responsibility to uphold and promote Catholic Teaching and a Christian way of life within the school community.

Ideally, the Board should include parent representation from across all levels of Christ Our Holy Redeemer School, as it provides a forum for discussion, policy making and shared responsibility for Catholic Education in the School. The Board has a duty to provide responsible, informed advice to the Parish Priest and Principal regarding the provision of Catholic Education within the school.


Board Members
Parish Priest Fr. Maria Raju
Principal Brendan Welsford
Deputy Principal/Teacher Representative Jo Cowan
Chairperson Peter Bermingham
Deputy Chairperson Tamsyn D’Zousa
Secretary Carolyn Grenfel
P. A. Representative Anna Belmuda
General Members Mel Nigro

Oliver Kelly
Irna Kostic
Natalie Moran
David Florio
Joel Ramalinga