Wellbeing Week at COHR. Friday 21st June – Friday 28th June.

Friday 21st June – Friday 28th June

At COHR the last week of Term 2 is – Wellbeing Week! A great time in the chilliness of winter to pause and reflect, check in, skill build and have fun with friends and buddies!

Each day within Wellbeing Week will be filled with activites designed to focus our children on developing their own sense of wellbeing and supporting those around them to be the best people they can be.

Wellbeing Week begins with our School Disco on Friday 21st.

Our Coffee Cart will be in operation at both Monday and Friday’s assemblies to aid the adults’ wellbeing. If there is anyone who could help out on the Coffee Cart, please see Jo.

Monday is Italian Day. . Children are encouraged to dress up on Italian Day, the day will have the children enjoying activiites in their House groups and we will finish the day with an incursion – ‘Vacanze Romane’.

On Wednesday we will have Kaboom Sports visit us with an Olympic theme. This is a great program which we hold on our Oval. A unique tabloid sports experience designed to engage and amaze, where nobody stands still, full of explosive energy, music and fun! It has a strong focus on multi-age teamwork and leadership opportunities for senior school students.

On Thursday we will gather for our Wellbeing Mass at 9am in the Church. This is a time when we pause and care for our spiritual wellbeing, be grateful for all that we have and love in our lives and celebrate our faith as a community.

On Thursday our Year 3- 6 students will attend a Bully Zero incursion, designed to focus on how children can feel safe, valued and respected, and how to prevent and reduce bullying.

Friday is our last day of Term 2 and our Donate-A-Dollar Day, organised by the Mini Vinnies Team. Students can wear casual dress if they donate a dollar (or two) to the St Vincent de Paul Winter Appeal. See the Mini Vinnies page for more information.

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